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HiGuitarsUK / 4-GUITARS,  8A High Street,  Pateley Bridge, HARROGATE,  North Yorkshire  HG3 5AW

Phone: 01423 711811 (Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm)

Web: www.4guitars.net            Email: forguitars@btinternet.com

Fixed shop opening hours are Saturday 11.30am to 5.00pm
(also open by appointment Tuesday to Friday)

Pre-Christmas opening: Saturday 12th & Saturday 19th December


Pogo & Prophet guitars under construction

UK handcrafted guitars

High quality UK made instruments from HiGuitarsUK represent excellent value for money. Unlike many mass produced instruments, which seem to strive for the same homogenised sound, each model has it's own clear voice and each guitar has a great playing action.

Michael Halls at Universal Studios, London

Michael Halls with his HiGuitarsUK Pogo model.

Mike is a professional guitar player and graduate of the coveted LIPA in Liverpool. He has over 10 years of live/studio experience under his belt, including sessions with a number of well known bands.

In recent years Mike has racked-up an impressive list of achievements including:
Playing the ACOUSTIC STAGE at GLASTONBURY to an audience of 5000. Winning the MBF songwriters award. Winning the Songlink award for "Best song musically and lyrically". Winning the Beatles Prize. Signing a management contract and touring with his band Fables.


Mike said: 'Ive been using the guitar fro everything! Gigs, recordings, rehearsals and it's been fantastic. There are a few radio things coming up on the BBC and this new big thing called Songs From The Shed - its getting 10's of thousands of hits and I was the first (and last probably ) to use electric guitar on it (the pogo!).

Lately Michael has been dead busy with lots of gigs and session work.  He has been working with the guys from Keane at Universal studios again, doing lots of sessions at Parr Street studios (including with Andy Dunlop from Travis), and has joined a few really exiting bands - Notably one called 6ix Toys with whom Mike has recorded a BBC single along with Mike McCartney (Paul's brother).

Seraph in the bracken 3

The HiGuitarsUK Seraph II is a 2 humbucker tone machine with coil-tapped pickups plus 2 volume and 2 tone controls for maximum control.
The instrument shown is a lighter, thinner bodied version with the body crafted from American Walnut and the neck shaped from North American maple with a rosewood fingerboard. The pickups in this instance are some very good Kent Armstrong units.

Sereph on the road

About Us

As a genuine retail outlet, based in Pateley Bridge near Harrogate, we are accountable to our customers.
On those rare occasions when seconds are sold we will openly state that they are second quality.

All prices include free postage within the UK, except where indicated.

Payment & Security 
Payment is accepted through Paypal, cheques, postal orders and credit/debit card payments over the phone.
Items are maintained in stock as far as is possible. However, if posting cheques for larger, expensive, or one-off items please phone first to book items/check availability.

If travelling

Please phone first to check item availability and that the shop will not be closed for any unforseen circumstances.


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